Instagram started as a real public gallery where you can post pictures and get feedback from your friends. Now, people can use this platform to influence other people and make them see fashion, food, travel, clothing and blogging from another perspective. So, what qualifies one to be an influencer on Instagram? The top Instagram influencers in India put work into their passions and talents to offer their audiences the best things from all lifestyles and also great pictures.

Here are the Top 10 Instagram Influencers in India:

Nitika Bhatia Whig

Social media influencer india

This beautiful plus size fashion influencer has been a part of the fashion world. @theshopaholicdiaries is a fashion and lifestyle blogger with 199k followers on Instagram. She has contributed to changing the face of fashion and made it more empowering to plus size people while empowering diversity in the fashion world.

Shalini Chopra

Instagram influencer india

Shalini Chopra, who goes by @Stylish_by_Nature on Instagram, has 408k followers who admire her fashion, food, travel, and blog picture. She was voted 2018 blogger of the year and best fashion mogul in the south.

Aashna Shroff

top 10 influencers in india

Thousands of fans looking for makeup and fashion tips follow AashnaShroff on her Instagram page. She offers a fashion platform with a unique style and lovely personality. With 567K followers, @aashnashroff has the power to shed some light on the fashion and makeup platform.

Amol Goel

top social media influencers in india

Amol Goel, the creator of @indiapictures, gives his followers the opportunity to see the rich cultural sites and heritage of India. He is one of the best photographers in Instagram who is hell-bent on taking the best pictures. His 367K appreciate his eye-catching snaps, and you can see that through the number of likes on his posts.

Rishab Kohli

top 10 influencers in india

Rishab is one of India’s most unconventional influencers of all times. @thenegativewords offers his 458K viewers a different perspective on life through his music, poetry and motivational speeches.  His followers relate to the stories and poems which are often geared towards love.

Rohina Anand Khira

Instagram Influencer india

With 88k followers, Rohina Anand Khira focuses on interior design. She is the creative director of and a very adored decor enthusiast. She specialises in lifestyle, travel and blogging. Her followers appreciate her DIY posts because they are fun and creative.

Usaamah Siddique

Instagram Influencer India- Usmaah

This influencer has taken the world by style. He is excellent at men’s wear, food, lifestyle and travel. His 62k followers appreciate his fashion sense. He has some of the unique and fantastic street styles that every Indian guy should emulate. In his account @usaamahsiddique, he offers unapologetic fashion styles and some great shots.

Pooja Mundhra

Pooja Mundhra - Instagram Influencer

A favourite among many with around 296k followers, Pooja Mundhra is a fashion, beauty and travel blogger. Want to know how to get that cat-eye eyeliner right, or how to wear western street style? You can follow her Instagram account @thecozyvibe

Radhika Bangia

Instagram Influencers of India 2019

This content creator and influencer has travelled to many parts of the world. Her 313k followers appreciate her comedy and collaborations with influencers in other parts of the world. @radhika_bangia has a great sense of humour and fashion as well.

Nilu Yuleena Thapa

Social Media Influencers india

As per her bio, Nilu Yuleena loves dressing up, playing with makeup and visiting beautiful places. @bighairloudmouth will teach you how to do some bold and beautiful makeup in just one video. Her 133k followers enjoy her beautiful pictures and fashion sense.


The top social media influencers in India have contributed to changing people’s lifestyle one by one. They not only have the power to promote certain brands but also create trends in fashion, beauty, travel, food and other lifestyles. Despite what most people think, it takes a lot of hard work and support to be an influencer on Instagram.

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